The 8 Biggest Myths About Weightlifting

When it comes to weightlifting some of us are preoccupied with some false beliefs as they have gained false information about weightlifting from some people out there. We have highlighted some general myths about weightlifting to enhance your information and making you better informed so that next tie when you go to the gym you know about it and you are better informed.

Myth 1: Weight lifting will make your body bulk up:

This myth is so much common that almost every second women out there have real concerns about this problem. They do believe that lifting weights could turn them muscular giving them a man like looks which they don’t want. For this reason, they mostly don’t join the gym or weightlifting classes. But they don’t know the fact that it requires a lot of hard work to build even an ounce of muscle.

Truth: Weightlifting gives you a smart, linear physique rather than a bulkier one.

Myth 2: After you stop lifting the muscle will turn into fats This is another major concern of most of the people. According to experts, this could never ever happen. Muscle and fats are absolutely two different things they never interchange. It is all a false thinking.

Truth: If you want to take some rest from the hectic gym routine, this would never ever turn your muscle into fat. Instead, it will help you to burn your fat.

Myth 3: Each day should be dedicated to a single set of muscles

It is not good for the general people doing workout but if you are body builder or daily basis weightlifter then it could be right for you. In general, try to work on multiple muscles.

Truth: Choose compound exercises than simple one muscle exercises.

Myth 4: Only heavy weight lifting will give you desired results

Heavy weightlifting is not necessary for muscular body or losing your weight. Instead lifting lighter weights and doing many repetitions also have the same effect as heavy weightlifting and doing less repetitions.

Truth: Do mixed exercises with heavy weight lighter weights and without weights.

Myth 5: Weight lifting will affect the body joints badly

This is a common misconception but it is entirely not true. Instead of this, weightlifting could help to strengthen the joints as they do increase the strength of the areas around joints thus it is good for joints.

Truth: weightlifting makes joints more strong and increases their shock-absorbent properties.

Myth 6: Weightlifting will lead to increased blood pressure

This misconception has been in practice for ages. Hypertension is linked with weightlifting, but it is not the case. Recent researchers have identified that weightlifting lowers blood pressure rather than increasing it.

Truth: Weightlifting can lower blood pressure and could make your heart healthy.

Myth 7: Your flexibility will decrease due to weight lifting

This is also one of the major misconception of the people. If done properly weightlifting could have positive effect and could make the body more flexible.

Truth: Use a different range of motion exercises to increase flexibility with weightlifting.

Myth 8: Machines will give better results as compared to free weights

The exact situation is contrary to this myth. Lifting free weights gives you more efficacy and improves your speed of losing weight and building muscles.

Truth: Lifting free weights is similar to actual natural movements that require more muscle activity and gives more muscular strength.